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An All Australian Company

We are a real bunch of humans living in Sydney Australia. No work is outsourced or performed overseas. No mass production stuff. No nerds with little to no experience except their gaming. No crappy hard to understand technicians who aren't exactly technical.

So what makes us different to every other mob or overseas robot promising instant results? Simple ... we don't promise instant results. Small businesses don't become successful overnight. They require hard work, a few brain cells, long hours, a little creativity, and a lot of trial and error. I know all about it! I've seen crap websites, email systems with so little space and petty providers making their money on charging per message, poorly configured systems so full of adware they function only for the purpose of distributing junk, networks that don't work, a complete absence of backups, old internet setups that run no faster than dial-up, NBN setups that don't work, IP phones and faxes that don't work, and heard all about the computer geek who would come in scratch his head and blame everything but his own lack of knowledge. And then send a bill!

If a small business has endless funds to pay for super expensive solutions that might work if you take out a second mortgage on your home, then you have no problem. Business today is tough. Finding someone who knows what they're doing in any area can be a challenge. That's why I make no guarantees except if I can't fix it or you're not happy with an outcome, the time cost is on me.

Thinkinspire started helping small businesses many years ago. In my very early days I was working in a number of schools setting up multiple servers and security as a contractor who wasn't on a contract. I was so in demand, I simply couldn't keep up with the new schools all wanting the same bullet-proof setup.  In such a technical field, they didn't want any monkey touching their servers. It was well paid work as there was so much of it. But I didn't have a life. I lived and breathed networks and servers for over 10 years.

I was also involved with the very first version of MYOB for the PC. I had a number of small clients all starting out with their small businesses. Many did exceptionally well and stayed with me. I have some old old customers!

I started designing websites after seeing so many boring websites. Websites that haven't changed in 10 years. Almost all the info is read only if you want to go to sleep or totally obsolete.

My focus became the small business. What people need to make their business more streamlined and their computer systems and web working for them. I admire people who have the tenacity to start a business. My job is to help these people make it work.