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We are a real bunch of humans living in Sydney Australia. No work is outsourced or performed overseas. No mass production stuff. No nerds with little to no experience except their gaming. No crappy hard to understand technicians who aren't exactly technical.

So what makes us different to every other mob or overseas robot promising instant results? Simple ... we don't promise miracles. Rather we listen to the customer and work on what's needed to get you where you want to be. Small businesses don't become successful overnight. They require hard work, a few brain cells, long hours, and a little creativity. I know all about it! Some start out from scratch like I did, with an idea and a passion. I really wanted to help small businesses with the technology that will make their everyday work easier. My experience is from starting my own businesses with nothing but that idea, and helping others turn their ideas into a business. If you love what you do, chances are, you're going to do well!

While visiting many customer sites I've seen computers so slow the users spend more time waiting for the computer or network to respond. I've seen data on systems that has never been backed up. I've seen businesses rely on free email accounts because their providers don't allow them any space on their servers. I've seen websites so bad or outdated the only purpose they serve is to remind us how ineffective a bad website can be. Lately the NBN changing the way we communicate. However so many businesses have no idea how it all works or how it will affect them. Will their phones work, will they lose their number, will they lose their fax? Do they need a PBX system, do they need that long contract to make a saving? 

Does your business need a website? I get asked the same questions - Why aren't people seeing my website or buying my products? Why aren't I getting any new customers? Usually the people asking these questions have been in business for a number of years. 

If a small business has endless funds to pay for super expensive solutions that might work if you take out a second mortgage on your home and agree to all this stuff you don't need, then you have no problem. Business today is tough. Finding simple solutions for small businesses that don't cost an arm and a leg is what I do best.   

My focus is the small business and has been for many many years. What people need to make their work more efficient, more mobile, their website more alive and to have their systems just work. I admire people who have the tenacity to start a business. My job is to help these people make it work.

My guarantee is - If I can't fix it or you're not happy with the result, the time is on me.

Our customers love us!

I don’t know what I’d do without you!


Jana has been looking after our IT for 18 years. Our systems and backups have always worked. I would not hesitate to recommend her.


Jana is a very knowledgeable and professional lady. Your systems are in good hands. Highly recommend.


Thanks Jana 🙂 I can finally use my MYOB and the invoices look great !!!


Highly recommend Jana for her beautiful and fast work. Our logo looks fantastic!


Thanks for our amazing website!


Love our new website! Thank you so much for helping us out.


Our phones weren’t working and had a number of people try to fix them. Jana came in and within an hour our new phones were working perfectly. Thank you!


Love the work and the attention to detail. She really knows her stuff. Our business is growing thanks to her great work