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XERO custom form designs including ‘Importing, Using and Editing Custom Forms’ documentation.

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Custom Xero Form Template Designs. Choose which 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 forms you would like to have designed!

Options are – Customer Invoice, Customer Statement, Supplier Purchase Order, Customer Quote, Customer Credit Note.

Additional forms are discounted

Why does the first form cost more? It takes a lot more time to design your form theme and get it right. This involves graphics, adding, moving and resizing fields and entire sections, going back and fourth with ideas and drafts. Subsequent forms are easier once the theme is established.

What we will need from you

A large, clear copy of your logo or the original artwork, the colours you prefer although your logo and website should reveal your colours, the information you’d like in the header, body and footer, the orientation eg. Landscape or Portrait, important fields that aren’t the usual suspects, the template you want or the general ‘feel’ of a layout you like.

Each template is cusomised with your logo and colours and acording to what you sell or buy and how your want to present this information. These details can be emailed directly to us at [email protected].

When will your forms be ready

Once your payment has been received, we will work on a few (2-3) draft ideas within 24 hours. Choose the idea you like best and we will work on the design until you are happy. Please note there is a limit of 15 drafts per form which is huge. We’ve been doing this for a very long time and have a good eye for what a business needs, we have never had anyone request more than 7 drafts!

What happens after the designs are completed?

The finished forms will be sent as .docx files for you to import together with clear instructions on how to import, use, and make minor changes yourself to your forms.

Don’t have a logo for your forms or can’t get your artwork?

No problem. We design and can redesign logos too!

Additional information

Design Bundles

1 Xero Form, 2 Xero Forms, 3 Xero Forms, 4 Xero Forms, 5 Xero Forms

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