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Business IT Solutions – supporting all areas of IT

The Thinkinspire team are a friendly and highly experienced bunch who know all things technical and IT, and genuinely enjoy helping people. We’re all about integrity and listening to you. We set up what you need, we’re not in the business of selling what you don’t need. Our vast and well developed skill set is quite unique and allows us to look after every IT aspect of your business, making integration easier and with significant savings.

No contracts, ever

We want you to stay with us because we provide a service that benefits you. Stay as long as you like and feel free to leave whenever you want, for any reason or for no reason at all. Our support can be as you need and charged at an hourly rate, or for a small monthly fee we can keep an eye on things to make sure everything is up to date and working as expected.

Business IT Services

Recommending, supplying, setting up and trouble-shooting hardware, software, networking, Microsoft, Google, MYOB, internet, phone, printers and everything IT. We can monitor your systems and fix/update what is needed quickly before major problems occur either remotely if possible, or on-site. Our experience allows us to recover any work from previous suppliers/setups, so if you’re stuck, give us a call. All our work is documented, relevant information and passwords will be sent to you when we complete any work or setup.

We never charge travel and if the problem can’t be solved, the time is on us.

Small business startups

Are you starting a new business and need simple, effective systems that don’t cost the earth while you are starting up, and are scalable as your business grows?

Thinkinspire has been providing a complete business service to many new small business owners needing cost effective systems that simply work without huge $$$ outlays. It’s not easy starting out, not everyone has a lot of money to spend. We make it easy for you by recommending hardware, software or systems we know will work, or utilising and optimising what you already have. We can also design your website and business presence, social media, help with content writing, logo design, business cards, signage, brochures, stationery and more. In fact, everything your new business needs.

Medical and Disability

We work closely with Medical and Disability and understand the Policies and Procedures that must be adhered to. We have written many many pages of Policies and Procedures and understand the systems, legislation and governance frameworks.

Anything IP

We do it all! Businesses are connecting to their business data and systems from any device, anywhere and at any time. We manage user and device provisioning, configuration, updates and security.

Moving your business to the Cloud

Businesses are on the move and COVID has changed the way most of us work, a change that has stayed and reshaped the way we work today. Some of us were already seeing the benefits of remote working arrangements and having a website. Most were not. Prior to COVID the world of work had already been rapidly changing with new businesses no longer looking for office space. Websites have become more than just advertising tools regardless of industry and our phones, tablets and notebooks becoming our most important work tools.

Notebooks, smartphones and tablets mean we can access our information from everywhere. The online and internet world is fantastic if we know how to tap into the many benefits, it continues to transform the way we connect with people, sell our products and services, and share information.

Good technology is more important than ever

In 2024, good technology and a strong presence is more important than ever for any business. If you crave this kind of flexibility, this is exactly what our talented team at Thinkinspire have been setting up and doing for years. 

It’s always exciting to see our clients benefit from our knowledge and grow